Create a Product

Products are the bread and butter of the average Perfect Back End store. Therefore, it is essential that you learn how to manage your store's product inventory using Perfect Back End administration side.


Before adding products, you must make sure that you have all the necessary information about the product you are adding to the store.

Products Overview

The Product section, accessed under Catalog, will display all the products available in the store.

Checking an individual box in the first column will select the product information within the same row. Once selected, you can choose to "Copy" or "Delete" the product. "Copy"

If you would like to look up a product in the product list, you can use "Filter" as a shortcut to search for it. For more information on the Filter tool, visit Filter. Pressing "Insert" in the top right corner will direct the administrator to a form to add new products.

Managing and adding products in the catalog

The complete list of store products can be found under Catalog > Products. 

To delete the products:

1.check the box left of the "Image Column" in the list.

2.Click the "Delete" button on the top right side.

3.Press "OK" when a window pops up asking "Delete/Install cannot be undone! Are you sure you want to do this?".

Before products are added to the administration, product categories must already be established by the administrator. See Categories before continuing with this section. With the product categories created, products are now ready to be added to the catalog.

Saving the product

At this in the guide, you will have completed all the steps and filled out all the appropriate information for the product. To complete the process of adding this product, click "Save". When you return to the Products page under Catalog, you will now see this product listed. You can choose to modify any of this information at any time, by clicking "Edit" across from the product.