Create a Category

Before you learn how to add products, you will need to understand how to create product categories. Product category is an essential organizational feature in Perfect back End web system. Perfect Back End organizes the structure of an online store around these product categories. Every product category gets their own space in the store to display all the available products for that category.

Organizing products into categories is useful for navigating a store's inventory in both the store front and administration side. In the administration, creating categories for products will help the shop owner keep track pf specific products within a category. In the store front, customer will be able to browse their favorite products by category. Category pages can be accessed in the top menu and from the category box in the product page.


Before inserting products into web system, you should take some time to brainstorm and establish categories for your products. Think of how the products in your store can be organized into groups in a logical manner. Generally, you would want to start with creating a broad parent category, and move narrower into specification with each sub-category below it. 

How to Create a Category

Go to Catalog > Category in the administration. To create a new category for products you can click "insert" in the upper right corner. You will be directed to the category's information page.

In the screenshot below, steps of creating a new category.